Interview by Luca Forlani - Ora Familiare Magazine

On the red carpet for the big premiere of the remake of a classic cult film SUSPIRIA , directed by luca guadagnino loosely based on the original screenplay by DarioArgento.

Closing-night Los Angeles Fashion Week downtown

Academy award Emmys eception for nomination Peers to never tire of evolving and renewing oneself and to allow yourself to get inspired by art on ones own journey

Just returned from Capri where she was honored with an artistic achievement award for an Italian artist in the world.

Interview by Luca Forlani - Stars System

Interview with Sofia MILOS. Sofia was recently interviewed for

Sofia Milos Shows Support at Mexico Earthquake Benefit

Sofia just got hired by the DICK WOLF Production for CHICAGO JUSTICE, in the powerful attorney guest starring role of Mary Wilson! The legal NBC TV drama is part of the CHICAGO Franchise. Directed by Eriq La Salle.

"Fake News" is a new original film that follows Maxwell Stern, a no-nonsense reporter with a reputation for breaking the most scandalous stories in America.

Sofia Milos Featured in April 2017 Issues of Fra Noi and La Voce

 Watch Sofia interviewed at the 2017 Night of 100...

Click on pages to read Q&A with Sofia.

See Sofia in the EDEN Magazine, Valentines Issue February 2016!

Click here to read the full article. SUPERMODEL MAGAZINE SUPERMODEL...

Sofia’s new cover feature for EDGE magazine on stands now...

Click here to read the full article! SM MAGAZINE SM...

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"CSI: Miami, Friends, The Sopranos: Und jetzt der Tatort! Die Schweizerin SOFIA MILOS hat sich ihren Schauspiel-Traum in Los Angeles erfüllt.

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"One of the most charismatic, beautiful and talented actresses of the last fifteen years has been Sofia Milos. A star of American and European television

Les producteurs de Section de recherches sur TF1 ont réussi un joli coup en s'accordant les services de Sofia Milos, l'une des stars de la série Les Experts : Miami.

"Fake News" is a new original film that follows Maxwell Stern, a no-nonsense reporter with a reputation for breaking the most scandalous stories in America.

"One of the most charismatic, beautiful and talented actresses of the last fifteen years has been Sofia Milos. A star of American and European television

Sofia Milos, qui incarne Yelina Salas dans “Les Experts Miami”...

The Eerie Digest is extremely excited to present to our readers the well known actress, Sofia Milos.

Sofia Milos Unfolds Her Greek Side - By Alexander Leontaritis

Sofia is featured in the March 2010 issue of Series TV

Sofia is featured in December's issue of Series TV

La actriz que logro fama internacional por CSI: Miami abre el territorio de su vida personal para descubrir

Photos by Pierre Andre Transunto

“Sofia Milos erupted onto the scene of American television with...

“Sultry and savvy Sofia Milos is an award-winning actress and...

IN THE CLOSET: CSI Miami star Shows Off Her Fabulous Fashion

Actress Sofia Milos talks about the show's second season on CBC

DOLCE Magazine DOLCE Magazine DOLCE Magazine DOLCE Magazine DOLCE Magazine...

She is sultry, savvy, sophisticated and an intoxicating multi-lingual beauty; she is none other than Sofia Milos...

Sofia Milos says there is nothing holding back the new CBC series The Border

Find out more about Sofia's new role in "The Border"!

"CSI Miami" star to make a splash in Canada..."

By LaMont Jones, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sofia Milos, the premier lady in red in a stunning strapless gown with ruffle trim.

Sofia Milos: A Hollywood Angel on the South Coast by Rick Costa

" would like to welcome Sofia Milos, who portrays determined, 'Victoria Marston', on the exhilarating new dramatic Telenovela series, 'Desire'!"

Sirens thrilled the crowds, too: Sofia Milos, on her first official outing with Newsom, spent three hours at the expo...

There were lots of red shirts and feathered hats, ruffles and other flourishes at Saturday night's Firefighter's Ball at Pier 48...

Sofia welcomes "OK Magazine" into her Hollywood Hills home, and "talks about love, and how not to take yourself too seriously".

As a presenter and spokesperson at the Citizens Commission of...

Check out the new ZINC magazine, December 2004 issue ...."diamonds are forever". Click to enlarge each photo.

Sofia at the TV Guide Emmy After Party on 09-19-04 in a beautiful Pamella Roland dress

John Travolta and Sofia Milos attend the 35th anniversary of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre on Saturday in Hollywood.

in a popular Los Angeles based magazine.

Miami star Sofia Milos, Entertainment Tonight's Maria Menounos and Atlantic Bank President & CEO Thomas O'Brien..."

"Actress Sofia Milos, of the television drama series "CSI Miami" arrives for the premiere of the drama film "Man on Fire" in Los Angeles

A review by keyboard_kowboy on C.S.I Miami

"CSI: Miami Fashion Detective" - Six page fashion spread featuring Sofia Milos. Click here to view more photos from Good Housekeeping.

"The sun rises in Florida for CSI: Miami star Sofia Milos, with a hot series and an exciting romance (not to mention great nightlife and restaurants)...."

FILM REVIEW; A Journey From Mourning to Moonlight By STEPHEN HOLDEN

Without giving away too much, this is a charming, delightful and uplifting movie experience with a very talented ensemble of actors. Sofia Milos is absolutely stunning, particularly in the Fado scenes.

by Steve Baltin - "Sofia Milos Puts the Passion in Passionada and the Spice in CSI: Miami" - Click here to view the rest of the article from Venice Magazine.

"The passion described in the title is the passion the characters of this small, genuine, Portuguese romantic comedy have for life and each other..."

"... With curly tresses bouncing everywhere, Milos looks like a cross between Madonna and Patti LuPone and even shows off her own vocal chops as she sings Portuguese dirges in a local club..."

By Joe Baltake - The Sacramento Bee

by Kevin Thomas - Click here to read the whole article from the L.A. Times.

"A big-hearted love story set in the Portuguese fishing community of New Bedford, Massachusetts, it begins with a procession along the waterfront to honor the fishermen who were killed in a storm seven years earlier..." - Pic captures 'merriment' of Portuguese culture - By CATHY DUNKLEY

Columnist gets long-sought 'date' with Sofia Milos

Passionada - Seattle International Film Festival - By David Hunter

Passionada - Closing Night Gala - USA - World Premiere

Sofia Milos with Enrico Lo Verso at the Los Angeles...

During the filming of "PASSIONADA" in New Bedford Massachusetts. A romantic comedy in which Sofia stars as Celia Amonte, a Portugese fado singer. (Summer 2001)

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